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Golf – More Than Just a Game

Golf has gained in popularity because it allows players to get outside, spend time with friends and colleagues in a relaxed environment, get a complete workout and is a complex game that you can strive to perfect. Your improvement will be reflected by your scorecard, which keeps you coming back. For someone who is new to the game, here are some golf basics.

Golf uses a course with eighteen holes, and every hole has a “par”, which is the number of shots used to reach the hole; these consist of fairway shots, tee shots (or drives), chips (short hits near the green), and putts. The distance and difficulty of each hole determines the par number. These usually are between 3 and 6. If you match the par number with your shots, you’ve “made par”, but if you take one less shot, it’s called a “birdie”, and if you take an extra shot, it’s called a “bogey”.

All of the holes usually feature “hazards”. These can be sand traps, trees, and water, which are cleverly arranged to make each hole more difficult. New golfers should find easier courses with minimal hazards. Each player marks down their own score, adding their shots at each hole. Ultimately, once everyone totals their score, the lowest number wins.

Golf takes a lot of practice, so try not to take yourself too seriously in the beginning. Beginners can take a few lessons to learn about grip, swing and stance.

Don’t forget : it’s a game, it’s fun, and it sure beats being inside at work.

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