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A humourous look at the game through the eyes of the ordinary player.
A fun view of the game. As well as jokes and favorite expressions also includes course reviews, movies and tips on etiquette.
One of America's most well known golf pros and an author of stories, anecdotes, and humor.
Receive advice from golf's premier agony aunt, Ms Kallas-Way, improve your mental game with the humour column, drop your handicap with the illustrated tips, read 1st chapter of 'Outlaw Golf'.
Hundreds of golf jokes, golfing stories and humourous golf quotes.
Golf humor, those magical, mystical, and invisible creatures who test the golfer's character, or just plain mess with their shots.
Cartoons and tee shirts by Joe Kohl.
A site for the average hacker, contains tips, news, gallery and sarcastic views on golf from around the world.