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Center of Gravity Golf is a new and exciting golf instruction method based firmly on the basic geometry and physics that control the golf swing.
About the instructor and lessons in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo.
Information about the instructor, golf tips, programs, books and materials, newsletter, and radio show.
Features free golf instruction tips, articles, 'Ask the Pro" and lots more.
Information about membership community for developing low handicap golfers.
Information on golf and other sports, with special attention to using video with Callaway fitting system.
Information for uploading student swing videos, subscribing for online, one-to-one lessons, and download area for instructor software.
Seven fundamental steps to a better golf swing.
About PGA member Corky Marcinkowski, lessons and club repair in Michigan.
Describes lessons, fees and schedules available at Diversey Driving Range, Chicago, IL. by PGA Pro.
About hypnosis and other resources to take control of your golf game, learn mental skills, and find the zone.
Presents on-line program and application procedure for e-mail based golfing tuition.
Online guide for finding a reliable golf instructor.
A directory of PGA/LPGA golf professionals offering private instruction, clinics, tips and playing lessons.
Shows free tips for grip, swing, driver, putter and for beginners, with basic fundamentals.